Patient Success Stories

Below are just a few of the comments we have received from our patients, and we look forward to sharing many more of our patients’ successful rehabilitation journeys at Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth!

I was shown everything and told my exact plan. The case manager was great in the hospital and even called to check up on me after getting back home.
A.M. - March 2017

Thank you for taking such excellent care of my wife!  You have an amazing group of professionals at Texas Rehab!
J.M. - February 2017

I felt very well cared for in this facility.  I actually felt the personnel really cared about ME.  I became fond of many there.
M.G. - February 2017

The medical staff was very attentive to diagnose and follow through with treatment and results.
W.H. - June 2016

Your staff is very good.  All of them, they all put in 100% of care & concern, housekeeping - on up.  #1.  Very good.
J.S. - June 2016

Explained what to expect on schedule every day.  Was treated with respect.  The food was very GOOD!  The staff was overall very prepared to help with my therapy.  I would definitely recommend this facility.
L.H. - May 2016

Thanks especially to the Nurse Tech’s, they provided wonderful care. Also the therapist was so very patient, understanding and considerate in all respects. A big thank you and hug.
M.N. - April 2016

My experience was very good at Texas Rehab.  I had the best doctor and best medical care.  Very good experience.  I was so impressed by the physical therapy. 
M.J. - April 2016

All my concerns were taken care of and I had no qualms at all with the help they gave me, the advocate was exceptional.
T.S. - March 2016

My case worker was very helpful arranging home health care.
P.S. - February 2016

All of the care givers were extremely courteous and professional, but some were beyond exemplary.  Thank you for the patience and courtesy to our family!  It will not be forgotten!
C.G. - January 2016

My therapists made a very emotional / scary situation calm by their encouragement.  In 4 days they took me from not walking to walking with a cane.  Awesome.
D.B. - November 2015

You have outstanding personnel working at your facility.  My nurse worked with the doctor to find the right dosage of pain medication that would allow me to perform the required exercises.  My tech took care of me with the best attitude.  The encouragement from my therapists helped me regain my mobility..I really appreciate them - they know what it means to work as a team.  All of the team members impressed me as being team players and genuinely cared about their patients.
C.S. - June 2015

This was the most wonderful experience I could have ever had.  I wouldn't be where I am today with my new knees if not for Texas Rehab Hospital.
L. G. - June 2015

Texas Rehab is outstanding!  I visited the facility before I went and it was just as good while I actually stayed as it was when I visited.  Several of my friends have gone to TX Rehab since.  I would go again in a heartbeat if I had to!
B.M. - May 2015

Very pleased with the attention from the doctor.  The entire medical staff kept track of me far better than I've ever been treated.
E.U. - May 2015

I have never been in a position to need rehab care, but this was a wonderful experience.  I was well taken care of and I can't thank you enough for your care given to me.
J.L. - April 2015

Texas Rehab has excellent employees!!  Keep them all!  From Social Workers, RN's, therapists, chefs (best hospital food ever).
J.C. - April 2015

Our family is grateful and appreciative to all the was incredible to experience the kindness that you offer to every needy soul.
D.T. Family - March 2015

I commend your facility and staff at every phase of my stay.  The gym was amazing and the staff were very proficient and showed much warmth in their care for me.
M.J.M. - March 2015

My nurses were always available...were awesome and took such good care of me!
D.D. - March 2015

My therapists were great...showed me how to meet my goals and I left walking with very low pain!
S.M. - March 2015

My therapy was a turning point in my recovery.  My doctor was excellent and I appreciate his compassion & care.
N.W. - January 2015

Speech therapy was my greatest need and they set me on the path to recovery.
M.V. - January 2015

Overall my stay was very good!  I would recommend the facility.  My nurses, techs and therapists were wonderful.
A.A. - January 2015

My doctor took away my fear of the unknown...took the time to explain my condition...his support gave me courage to get well.
A.S. - January 2015

Excellent choice of exercises to meet my goals...experience was excellent with full explanations of post care.
F.C. - December 2014

I visited Texas Rehab Hospital before my surgery & knew that is where I wanted to go for my rehab of total knee replacement.
T.M. - November 2014

This is my second time at this facility because of the great experience the first time....the doctor checked on the patients every day and was courteous and interested in my care.
J.M. - November 2014

The nurses absolutely could not have been better...very well trained therapists who encouraged me daily to meet & exceed my goals...knew how to make me comfortable and work hard.
B.K. - November 2014

Thank you for the wonderful care that I received while in Texas Rehabilitation Hospital.  I'm sure my stay was shorter due to the excellent care I received from all the therapists.  My therapist was so patient with me...very comforting to a 92-year-old who was a bit fearful at all the activity required.
D.M. - May 2014

I would recommend TRH to anyone needing in house rehabilitation care.
D.M. - March 2014

The nurses were very helpful and kind...a wonderful group of nurses here.  The gym was well-equipped and had the best physical therapists!
A.C. - March 2014

All the staff was very professional and polite and took very good care of me.  They were outstanding!
S.B. - January 2014

I had a very difficult surgery and my therapist explained exactly what I needed to do for a good recovery and saw to it...I've done very therapist is why I've been to Texas Rehab two times.
P.K. - January 2014

My dad is doing so well because of the care, concern, and attentiveness of all areas of this facility.
N.M. - August 2013

Food was very good!  I want to say that all the staff were so well educated in their work and helped each other which I really admired because they all seem to get along so well.  I really enjoyed my stay.
I.P. - July 2013
My therapist was great!  She challenged me to do the best that I could in a very professional manner.
F.W. - July 2013

While giving excellent professional care, you all also comforted us, encouraged us, and cheered for us every step of the way.  What a blessing it has been to be in the best possible  facility, among the best possible staff!
M.K.A. - July 2013

To everyone ...thank you for aiding in my recovery.  The grace of God brought me to Texas Rehabilitation Hospital.  Your dedication, skill and heart reflect the faithfulness, power and love of God.  I will sing the accolades of Texas Rehab all my days and in many ways.  I am carrying home nothing but blessings.
J.C.S. - March 2013

From our experience with TRH there is only praise and a thankful heart.  Never have I seen such respect, caring and love come from every member of the staff at any hospital, like we experienced at TRH.  I would not choose this road for my husband and myself, but I am thankful that it led us to TRH.
R.P.L. - March 2013

I have nothing but good things to say about the nursing staff and techs. I had excellent rapport with my physical therapist and therapy tech - we developed a treatment plan and met it. I could not have been happier with my occupational therapist. She helped me develop skills to get me home more quickly. My speech therapist was excellent and helped me to exceed my goals. My physician was excellent in answering all my questions. He has a personality well-suited to rehab patients' needs. My social worker was very caring and made it easy for me to return to normal living. I am so glad I chose to use TRH as my rehab. Everyone was exceptional.
J.R. - June 2012

The nursing staff was courteous & able, helping me through tough emotional times & tending my needs in a most professional way. Without my physical therapist's interest in my recovery I would not be where I am today! My occupational therapist encouraged me to continue with my recovery. My physician was very attentive & kept me aware of my treatment course. Thanks to everyone, I'm doing well - better than ever expected. I'm very lucky to have been at TRH.
C.V. - June 2012

The time I spent there was fantastic. My therapists not only did a great job with me, but they really care about their patients. My case manager was great, too.
R.S. - May 2012

This has been the best thing that could have happened for me and my return to full use of my leg. My case manager was most helpful throughout the process. My doctor was great to work with - he was responsive to any concerns or issues that arose. My occupational therapist and physical therapist were wonderful to work with. They are both obviously competent therapists; beyond that, they care...a trait that goes so far in the rehab process.
J.P. - April 2012

I wish to tell you how much I appreciate the nursing care I received while I was in your hospital rehabilitating from a stroke and knee replacement surgery. Your staff was all professional from the nurses, technicians, dietitians, and housekeepers. All did an exceptional job, had wonderful attitudes and were cheerful. The food was very good. Keep up the good work.
M.M. - April 2012

Cheers and a gold star to my therapist - you made my trip home easy - thanks! The exercise gets easier each day. The things you taught me makes my (life) recovery much easier.
M.S. - March 2012

Had a level of patient care that I did not think existed anymore. My congratulations and thanks.
J.N. - January 2012