What is Inpatient Rehab?


Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation provides intensive, specialized rehab services for patients who have experienced a loss of function from an injury or illness.  A proper rehabilitation program can reverse many disabling conditions or can help patients cope with deficits that cannot be reversed by medical care. Rehabilitation addresses the patient’s physical, psychological, and environmental needs and is achieved by restoring the patient’s physical functions and/or modifying the patient’s physical and social environment. The main types of rehabilitation are physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Each rehabilitation program is tailored to the individual patient’s needs and can include one or more types of therapy. The patient’s physician coordinates the efforts of the rehabilitation team, which can include physical, occupational, speech, or other therapists; nurses; physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians); psychologists; and prosthetists (a therapist who makes artificial limbs or prostheses). Family members are often actively involved in the patient’s rehabilitation program.

In an acute rehabilitation hospital, the patient is expected to make significant functional gains and medical improvement within a reasonable time frame.

  • Patients receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day, at least 5 days a week or in certain well-documented cases, the therapy might consist of at least 15 hours of therapy within a 7 consecutive day period. Therapy is provided on both a one-to-one and group basis, depending on the needs of the individual patient. Additional services such as respiratory therapy and therapeutic recreation programs are also available for patients during their rehabilitation.
  • Certified rehabilitation nursing care is provided 24 hours a day
  • Each patient has a personal Case Manager assigned to them that coordinates the patient’s rehabilitative program from admission to discharge.
  • The treatment team is led by the physician and comprised of a combination of the following specialists: Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Clinical Dietitians, Pharmacist, Neuropsychologists, and Rehabilitation Nurses. They meet on a weekly basis to discuss the progress that is being made as well as assist with discharge plans.

Why Rehab in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility?