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Texas Brain Injury Alliance
Website: empower and support brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers with a lifelong and enduring quality of life.

Hope After Brain Injury
Website: after Brain Injury offers adult survivors of brain injury and their caregivers the hope of continued recovery through the provision of outpatient counseling, education, and connection to community resources.

Financial Assistance

Referral Service
Phone: 2-1-1

Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services program assists eligible people who have a traumatic brain injury (TBI), traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI), or both, function independently in their home and community. Services can be related to communication, mobility and self-care

CRS can pay for rehabilitation services on the treatment plan within certain limitations. Participants must first use all available personal medical benefits, such as medical insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, before they can use CRS program funding to pay for services.

Texas Health and Human Services

HHS programs provide a range of services to older Texans that help ensure their well-being, dignity and choice. Programs also are in place to support family caregivers. Our experienced staff and paid contractors can help eligible older Texans access services so they can: Live independently in their own homes, Understand their state and federal benefits and their legal rights, Give family caregivers the tools to do their job, Provide meals at home or in group settings, Qualify for assisted-living facility care, daytime programs or nursing home services, Advocate for people who live in assisted-living facilities or nursing homes, Guide you to the right long-term care services


HHS provides a range of services to Texans with disabilities that help ensure their well-being, dignity and choice. Programs also are in place to support family members who care for them.  Our experienced staff and paid contractors can help eligible Texans with disabilities access services so they can: Live independently in their own homes or communities, Prepare for and find jobs, Provide medical equipment and assistive devices, Determine eligibility for Supplemental Security Income, Provide health care services to people who have disabilities who work, Give family caregivers the tools to do their job

Social Security Disability
Phone: 1-800-772-1213

Home & Car Modifications

United Access
Phone: 877-501-8267

Mobility Works
Phone: 1-877-275-4907

Next Day Access
Phone: 800-423-0751

Phone: 888-715-7598

Lift-Aids, Inc.
Phone: 817-835-0035 (DFW) or 800-351-5438 (Outside of DFW)

101 Mobility of Dallas
Phone: 214-531-6211

Support Groups


Outpatient Rehabilitation


Harris Methodist Fort Worth Brain Injury Transitional Services (BITS)

BITS is an intensive outpatient program that helps people make the transition from an acute-care setting to their homes, jobs and communities. It is centered on a commitment to individualized care shaped to help fit the specific needs and goals of each client.

During program hours, clients participate in therapies designed to optimize functional, cognitive and physical skills. The transfer of skills learned in the clinic to the home, work and/or school and community setting is crucial to optimizing an individual’s quality of life. When appropriate, therapists may accompany clients to their homes or workplaces to facilitate the use of the compensatory strategies needed to achieve successful reintegration.

Rehab Without Walls
Phone: 1-866-734-2296

A Whole New Kind of Care: Rehab Without Walls is dedicated to removing walls — including physical, emotional and geographical — that can slow recovery. The advantage of this comprehensive service is that a skilled clinical team, which can include physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, speech pathologists, clinical social workers, nutritionists and neuropsychologists, is able to teach relevant skills in the patient’s environment as opposed to a staged setting. Instead of just learning to prepare a meal, patients learn to shop in their local grocery store and use their own kitchen. Rather than simply focusing on grooming skills, patients learn to navigate their own bathrooms, safely.

The ultimate goal of Rehab Without Walls is to provide care in a comfortable, familiar environment, help patients experience better outcomes.  Our home & community based expertise reduces re-admissions, increases participation and provides tangible proven clinical and financial results.  

Centre for Neuro Skills

Since 1980, Centre for Neuro Skills® (CNS) has delivered postacute medical treatment, therapeutic rehabilitation and disease management services with specially-trained staff for individuals recovering from acquired brain injury (traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumours, infection, poisoning, hypoxia, substance abuse, ischemia, etc.).

Our cost-effective, patient-centered programs maximize treatment effect, learning generalization and stability of gains in real-world settings. The goal: to facilitate skill acquisition and help each patient resume a normal rhythm of living.

CNS offers a broad menu of rehabilitation services through its individualized treatment programs. Case managers, therapists, nurses and physicians work as an integrated team with patients and their loved ones to meet and achieve rehabilitation goals.

CNS Programs and Services Include:

  • Postacute In-Patient Rehabilitation
  • Community-Based Residential Rehabilitation
  • Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Educational Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Nursing
  • Outpatient and Day-Treatment
  • Assisted Living Services
  • Community Re-Entry Assistance
  • Disease Management and Treatment
  • Multi-Cultural Programs and Services
  • Family-Oriented Education Classes
  • Home Evaluations

Pate Rehabilitation

We offer comprehensive brain injury programs that cover the continuum of care. Every treatment plan is unique to the individual, not one size fits all.

Pate provides six hours of therapy per day vs. the industry standard of four hours a day.  We strongly believe this contributes to our outcomes.  We are dedicated to:

  • Helping individuals return to function in their family and/or work environments
  • Striving to help people achieve the highest level of independence possible
  • Ensuring a successful transition from acute care to rehabilitation treatment
  • Providing brain injury programs and support at all levels, from outpatient to long term residential programs

Baylor Day Neuro Program

Our Day Neuro program provides specialized daily therapy to brain injury and stroke patients to help them regain independence at home, work and in the community.

Advocacy and Legal Resources


Guide to Guardianship